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A Look into the Language of Cats

If you’ve got a cat as I do, you recognize that a life without one is feasible – but meaningless! Without a doubt they’re particular pets – they are doing what they need, once they want and the way they need to try to to it without care within the world about what you or anybody else thinks. I even have a dog too – but the character of dogs and cats is so different. Generally speaking, it is easy to know the language of dogs. you recognize once they are happy, once they are in the territorial mode, once they are feeling unwell. But cats!? The language of cats is different. Although we might not know it, cats do show us what they need, in their unique ways…

  • Lying on their back

When cats lie on their back, it is a sign of comfort and well-being. Your cat feels very comfortable with you and trusts you deeply.

  • Bringing gifts home

Though this is often a behavior a home-owner might not necessarily enjoy, when a cat comes home with a present in its mouth (usually a bird, mouse or rat) and leaves it at your feet, this is often a logo of affection and devotion. it’s a gesture of thanks and your cat means to point out your excellent affection.

  • A nudge with the top of nose

If your cat tries to budge you with its nose, this is often a sort of greeting. Usually, they are going for a mild head butt, or rub their head against yours. this is often a logo of affection and friendship.

  • They follow you around

Wherever you go, your cat wants to be there too. If you’re at your computer, they’ll sit on the keyboard, if you’re on the couch, they’ll jump into your lap. If you rise to urge something, they’ll follow you around. A cat that’s ‘clingy’ loves you endlessly – they need to be near you and that they certainly don’t want to be without you.

  • They chew on your finger (gently)

When a cat chews on your finger without causing one scratch, take this to mean that your cat appreciates you which they’re happy. This behavior is additionally a logo of trust.

  • They display the milk tread

The milk thread may be a behavior that’s exhibited by kittens, used on the mother’s teat to drink. As a result, this behavior ensures that the mother’s teat is stimulated to supply more milk. If your cat exhibits the milk thread on you, know that your cat loves you wish its mother and features a sense of wellbeing with you.

  • They purr

This behavior is usually seemed to be a symbol of well-being – and most of the time, it is. But cats also purr in situations where they’re likely to feel uncomfortable (such as getting to the vet, or within the car). They likely do that to calm their nerves.

  • they appear into your eyes

If your cat looks deeply into your eyes, and its glance doesn’t stray, this symbolizes a robust connection between the 2 of you. So feel honored that your connection to a different living being is extremely strong!

After discovering these behaviors, I cannot wait to point out my cat some affection. Pass this post on to anyone with a cat, to allow them to know that despite their independent traits, their cats love them deeply.