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How to Train Your Cat to Walk On a Leash

One of the struggles that cat lovers affect is training their cat to steer on a leash. Well, I’m assuming that by now, you would possibly be asking “Train a cat to steer on a leash? Is that even possible?” the solution is YES definitely, there are cat lovers who are constantly training their cats to steer on a leash, and another YES, cats are often trained to steer on a leash, believe it or not. having the ability to coach your cat to steer on a leash is often both beneficial for your cat and yourself – it improves the lifetime of your cat through extra exercises, it cultivates their skills, and in fact, it creates a top-quality bonding time between you and your cat.

Leash training is often done regardless of how old your cat is, however, a bit like humans, cats are often easily trained while it’s still young. Kittens are more outgoing, social and cozy than older cats which makes them easier to coach walking on a leash. Here are the 5 steps on the way to train your cat to steer on a leash effectively:

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