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How to Train Your Cat to Walk On a Leash


Looking for an appropriate harness is often a touch tricky. this may require you to seek out a harness that’s an ideal fit your cat. Consider a harness that will support the chest, front legs, and therefore the middle of your cat rather than a harness with just a leash and collar alone. there’s an opportunity that you simply may find yourself getting a pack of harnesses, but that’s okay since it’s for the security and luxury of your cat.

STEP 2 – found out A “HARNESS this is often KITTY, KITTY this is often HARNESS” SCENARIO

Once you’ve got chosen the acceptable harness for your cat, introduce it to him very slowly – give him some ‘getting to understand each other’ moment together with his harness by allowing him to smell and play with it until they get along. It’s also an honest idea to reward him with some treats because it will associate a positive relationship with the harness.

When you desire he’s comfortable with the harness already, buckle it up and provides him a while to maneuver around the house. Observe how he reacts or moves with the harness buckled on him. confirm that it’s not too tight or too loose, only enough for him to maneuver freely and comfortably.

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